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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

News Latest

Thanks to all the visitors to the blog especially those who are looking at Scottish development and associated subjects. I have been using my Wordpress blog having got my head round it with a new theme. I like the Google Blogger for simplicity but the other site is far more flexible for a visitor and probably better looking.
Though I have to admit since I have started writing about dogs I am very grateful to the number of visitors I have had from all over the world. Though this post from the Wordpress site is on the surface about dog ecology and psychology, it is introducing a social and economic history of Scotland to a wider audience. This is a theme that will be built on in the future.
It is also a natural follow on from our assessment 12 months ago of Alex Salmond's Celtic Lion strategy where we also looked at the role of the Celts in Scotland's development. We warned 12 months ago the global economy would collapse, and it did.

Monday, 22 December 2008

And So Another Year

Well yesterday was the Winter Solstice. The days now start to get longer. Here the change is much more pronounced, the change of the seasons a roller coaster of a ride from dark to light.

All the best for the new year.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Breaking news Sergeant Strictly Not Dancing.

Well here is a fast moving story.
John Sergeant quits Strictly Come Dancing.
Over to the BBC Newsnight Blog.
34. At 1:29pm on 19 Nov 2008, leftieoddbod wrote:
Sargeant off Strictly, questions should be asked....get Jeremy on it as he represented old farts everywhere, I do hope the Beeb hasn't caved in again to the PC brigade as we need to champion the 'normal' people in our society...
Then Celtic Lion
37. At 1:53pm on 19 Nov 2008, KingCelticLion wrote:
#34 leftoddbodSargeantI don't understand the situation. But have to admit I haven't seen any of this year's programmes.Have to ask though why if the programme makers asked a 65 years old, non sporting etc person to be on it.Why do they seem to be annoyed that he itsn't doing triple salkos with half pikes or what ever the terms are?Perhaps the demographic for Strictly is older viewers. Perhaps then they might vote on the basis, "he is doing well for someone of my age".Though light entertainment it does raise issues about democracy, and ageism plus all the other isms.If the producers don't want old people on becuase they can't dance as good as young people, then don't have them on in the first place.Are the BBC now going to refund the money to all those who voted for Sargeant up to now.I feel a storm a brewin'.Thanks to New Fazer, JJ, Too hard to Log In, Bill etc. Sometimes truth is so obvious they are overlooked.Celtic Lion
42. At 4:48pm on 19 Nov 2008, JunkkMale wrote:
37. At 1:53pm on 19 Nov 2008, KingCelticLion I don't understand the situation. Poor old Aunty.Can't even do bread and circuses without meddling... fouling up... and making their position even more precarious.What is needed now is for Dear Leader to take a reading from acolytes in the the bunker, get the public mood wrong, and make this the key issue of the next few days.Closely followed by the rest of the Westminster Useful Idiot Village.
Now on 6 o'clock, a Newsnight section tonight
Well this story is moving David Cameron has made a statement, see Junk male above

Friday, 14 November 2008

Will the G20 Crash the Planet?

This is a graph I have obtained from The Sustainable Home Blog. This illustrates Celtic Lion's concern with the economic and world leaders trying to artificially increase consumption to stabilise the global economic system.

The consequences could be to reduce the ecological carrying capacity of the planet, resulting in over 6 billion deaths, of which you will probably be one. In addition to the extinction of many of the Earth's species of animals and plants.

To stop this situation occurring is part of Our Option. Please support yourself. Look after Our Option and it will look after you.

For specialist strategy and consultancy work please contact us direct.

G20 Tax and Growth Option

Gordon Brown has gone to the G20 with recommendations for tax cuts etc to stimulate growth. We have covered this in other blogs such as BBC Newsnight Editor Paul Mason's and his discussion on the method for a new financial order. It is not our preferred approach.
Celtic Lion believes Our Option is the best and safest.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wandering About The Dish Rag and 11th Hour

While looking for news references for ecology we came across The LA Times The Dish Rag, with even a comment there from Celtic Lion.
Expressing the views of Leonardo DiCaprio on the Bush Presidency, Caprio's film the 11th Hour is recommended for those wanted a serious perspective on the planetary ecological challenge.
View here

Another Step Towards a Better Future

I just looked for ecology in the news search section of Google. Very few entries, Surprising how many economics would get when economics cannot even exist without the ecological life systems of the planet.

The media is full of the concerns over the economic situation. Knowing it was going to happen I told Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart on 9th January 2006 and Tayside Police on 27th October 2006.

Though it was possible to tell both that the recession could happen, when it would happen and by what degree of magnitude. Neither could help. So the could turned in a would. It was all avoidable, but as a society we seem more geared to allowing tragedy and problems to happen then try to clear them up after, rather than take action to stop them occurring in the first place.

Yesterday we sent information to Tom Bradby Political Editor at ITN. The BBC Newsnight blogs were interesting so placed a few comments there. Reptilian origin of the brain, Marx and sharks, Marquis de Sade and wisdom. The media seems still to be looking for answers from those who couldn't see the economic problems looming.

We will grow Our Option. Thanks to all who are visting here.