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Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Getting a Balanced View of Trump

I read a lot of Scottish blogs and news about Trump and his Scottish Golfing ambitions. To get a overview when searching I have been looking at the US blog.

This ones from Dripdrop and the Donald's new reality TV show, and not his new celebrity The Apprentice.

If you think there's a bit of a stink kicked up in Aberdeenshire, it might not be the smell of sleaze Nicol Stephen has got a whiff of, but actual smell of Trump, from Blogging Stocks.

Friday, 21 December 2007

Considered Views Please on Scottish Development

Celtic Lion would like to request the impartial views and comment of the Scottish blogging community, political journalists and anyone else who would like to express an opinion.

This the situation. On Monday 17th December Celtic Lion Ltd got a phone call from a leading regeneration and economic development journal asking if we could provide an assessment of the Scottish Government’s economic development strategy.

After some conferring with the editor, I was asked whether I was aware of the SNPs approach and policy of relating Scotland to nearby countries such as Norway and Iceland.

Below or here is a development strategy that I was asked to write in February 2006. If you scroll down to Northern Tundra Alliance, this contains the paragraph.

"Scotland needs to form a group with its biome partners Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Russia and Alaska".

This was sent to all MSPs at Holyrood at the start of April 2006. 3 weeks later David Cameron turns up in Norway for his much publicised photo shoot with the huskies. Annabel Goldie's office acknowledgeing they had a copy by receipt. Then Cameron rebrands the Conservative Party, with a strategy remarkably close to the development strategy for Scotland, just without all the specifics to Scotland.

I contact SNP HQ to see if they can help in case any thing has gone on. I am put thorough to Kenny MacAskill’s people, as he was legal and justice spokesman at the time. They request a copy of the document, which was supplied. They never get back in touch despite phone calls and emails.
11 months later in the Perthshire Advertiser this appears from Pete Wishart MP, SNP.

"We have a detailed plan to deliver Scottish economic success. We have learnt lessons from our successful neighbours – Ireland, Norway and Iceland – each in the top six richest nations in the world. We believe Scotland can join them at the top of world wealth tables, but we need to be free to prosper.

From then on the SNP are relating Scotland to it’s nearest neighbours all the time, Ireland, Iceland and Norway.

Coincidence, prescience or what. All views from Scottish political and other bloggers on the matter would be appreciated.

Development Strategy for Scotland

In February 2006 after looking at a back catalogue of our work, consultants at Perth Business Gateway asked if we could produce an executive summary of how to make Scotland the world's first ecological superpower. The following consultation document was produced. At the beginning of April 2006 it was sent to every MSP at Holyrood.

Scotland: The World's First Ecological Superpower

In 2007 the United Nations Environmental Programme will produce a report showing climate change is far worse than was original accepted. Some leading climatologists already believe that we have already passed a point of no return and the deaths of billions of people and the extinction of most of the planets animals and plants is now inevitable.

MP2 believes this Extinction Horizon (EH) is 2012, that is we have 6 years to ensure the viable diverse future of the planet in some form that resembles what we accept as normal over the last few thousand years. If we have not established a sustainable global system by that date then those forecasts will come true.

In order to contribute to a better and safer future for the Earth and all living things that are part of and live on the planet, MP2 is creating a strategy to be implemented that will make Scotland the worlds first ecological superpower. Scotland will adopt a position that will lead the planet into a stable and sustainable future.

This will ensure it’s survival and the rest of the planet which it is part of. The urgency and importance of this project can be comprehended most easily in that 5 billion deaths over a 6 year period is the equivalent of around 2.5 million deaths per day, or 2 days to eliminate Scotland. Each day of delay now will cost half of Scotland’s population per day after 2012.

The Commonwealth Games 2014

Glasgow’s bid for the 2014 Games is significant as it is the first major world event after the 2012 EH. 2014 is a point defining an emerging development trajectory of global sustainable transition.
Adam Smith is one of Scotland's most influential philosophers. His Wealth of Nations
has development derived from the concept of empathy. Empathy with the planets ecological life support systems can drive Scotland to be the worlds first ecological superpower.

The Commonwealth
Of Nations
Games 2014

should be the worlds first organised event that is derived from working with, not against or at the expense of, the planets ecological life support systems.

Tourism is polluting. It is not possible to fly visitors and competitors to the Games, due to the damage it will cause. Air travel is expanding as one of the main contributors to climate change. By 2014 due to its consequences air travel will have to be banned apart from essential use, taxed prohibitively or will become the pariah of social unacceptability e.g. as drunk driving has been made or smoking in a public place will soon be.

Banning air travel to visit Scotland and the Games will be one drive in establishing Scotland as the world’s sustainable superpower. Ecologically driven development should permeate through the Games planning, organisational and implementational systems.


Provision will have to be made for the mass transit of people when air travel is banned or reduced. Scotland has a history of expertise in this industry. This expertise must be focused on designing and building a new generation fleet of ocean going vessels to replace air travel.

There are ideas and designs for modern wind and renewable powered vessels. Their production will create sustainable jobs in Scotland and make Scotland a major maritime force.

Oceanographic Research

Scotland has a history of such research. Though some of this derived from it’s whaling industry this was transposed into it’s construction of ice breaking vessels for exploration.

Only a small amount of knowledge is available on the oceans of the world. They are now being affected by climate change. Dissolving of CO2 in the water is causing acidification. This is reducing shelled animals ability to survive and destroying the coral reefs. What else?

The ocean currents are being disrupted by changing climate and the currents are changing climate. Reduction of oxygen capacity and alteration of nutrient cycles are affecting Scotland's fishing industry. Seabird populations, part of Scottish tourism, are reducing through the decrease in the availability of food.

Scotland can become a global leader in oceanographic research not only to protect it’s own interest but as a consultancy service to the rest of the world. This will create jobs in oceanography, ecology, climatology and the technologies associated with such research.

Scotland is vulnerable to ocean change. If the North Atlantic Drift stops, Scotland could enter a minor ice age prior to its temperature rising to meet the global increase.

Oceanic Clean Ups

For many years the seas have been used as a dump for a range of materials including chemicals. The oceans are already under pressure from changing climate and over fishing. Any additional stress such as pollution could trigger marine meltdown and a collapse of the oceanographic system.

The dumped chemicals and other pollutants need removing from the oceans. Scotland has transferable skills and technologies from the oil industry which can provide this essential service.

All the oceans need cleaning up. Scotland has the potential to lead the world in the technology. RPV (Remote Piloted Vehicle) experience from submarine rescue is another example of technology transfer.

As this is a global service this will have to be funded from the World Bank etc.

Research and Applied Planetary Engineering

Scotland is not just people. It is snow capped mountains in winter, the animals and plants and everything that is part of the whole called Scotland.

Can Scotland still be what it is if it loses what it was?

Everything on the planet is connected and related to everything else. If penguins, polar bears, the large mammals of Africa and the great apes are all going to become extinct in the next few years, then Scotland looking at its own bio-diversity will protect them.

Putting the protection of the ecology of the planet as the first major development priority has the affect of flipping a global system that is chaotic and unstable; extinctions, famine, droughts, conflict, extreme weather events, terminal etc, into a sustainable evolving one with the effective use of resources in attaining desirable goals.

Scotland decides what the maximum diversity and stability of its ecosystems is. This gives the optimum climatic conditions e.g. range and average temperatures. The appropriate levels of atmospheric CO2 are derived to attain these conditions, then social and economic processes and strategies are devised to bring them about in the shortest time.

The cascade affect from establishing ecosystem protection, enhancement and diversity then flows through the entire eco-socio-economic system generating stable sustained development and evolution.

To ensure it’s own survival Scotland only trades with others from the basic priority of ecosystem protection.

Having established the fundamental project principles for global sustainability Scotland sets the lead. One planet one goal sets a common focus for co-operation.

All consideration of strategy, policy, planning, implementation or action begins with , how does this protect or enhance the ecological systems of the planet? More simply do you want to live or do you want to die?

Northern Tundra Alliance (NTA)

Scotland as part of the UK is part of the EU and NATO it is also part of the Commonwealth. There are various other organisations it is part of through the UK, the G8, the UN etc.

The most important group Scotland should be part of does not exist. Scotland is unique within the UK as, climate change apart, it nearly has a permanent snow line at altitude. The climatic climax at altitude gives it an affinity with other countries of northern latitudes.

Scotland needs to form a group with its biome partners Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Northern Russia and Alaska.

These are at risk of having their very essence altered by global warming. This temperate to cold belt up to the Arctic is essential to the survival of human society.

The climatic, meteorological, oceanic and nutrient cycling systems of the planet are driven by the temperature gradient between the equator and the Tundra regions. Once this gradient is lost the dynamism that powers the global biosphere disappears.

In the oceans nutrient cycles slow or stop. Productivity of the oceans decreases, fish stocks reduce or species become extinct. Weather patterns alter.

The maintenance of the viability of this region is far more important than an economic union. It is possible to survive without economic union. It is impossible without ecological viability.

Scotland must take a lead in establishing an organisation of countries linked with the preservation of the Tundra biome. This is crucial to Scotland's and global sustainability.

Energy and Resources

From the research in knowing the amount of reduction in CO2 required to restore and protect the Scottish ecology the energy policy for Scotland can be derived. It is not a question of reducing emissions, or going carbon neutral it is going carbon negative. It is the simple question again do you want to live or do you want to die?

Projects have to be delivered quickly with minimal or negative environmental impact and social and economic systems adjusted to conform to carbon negativity.

Roger Thomas
22 February 2006

Celtic Lion: Director Profile

Roger Jardine Thomas. Born in rural Cheshire of Welsh and Scottish descent he now lives near Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland. His first interest has always been in the environment as long as he can remember. Childhood influences include Jacques Cousteau, Galileo and James Lovell commander of Apollos 8 and 13.

In his first job as a trainee metallurgist, he was fortunate to experience one of the world’s top engineering training systems while working within and implementing a quality control system for a factory of 2500 people. Also attending college for his qualifications he was awarded the year prize at Stoke-on-Trent Technical College. Finishing his metallurgical studies at Manchester Polytechnic he achieved the highest marks ever awarded in the subject. His contribution to R&D work on Ministry of Defence contracts is still saving lives around the world and reducing CO2 emissions.

Returning to ecology he sought to improve on the predictive system techniques of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology behind "The Limits to Growth".

After showing young or unemployed musicians how to stage national quality events he was first choice as tour and technical manager for a Manchester band. As he had other commitments he had to decline, though they still sold more than 50 million albums without him. 25% of those who attended his workshops did go on to get full time employment as TV producers, stage managers or professional musicians.

Working as a countryside ranger his leading edge techniques in management, integration, education and appreciation soon spread to become standard practice.

Roger was once asked to give a 1 hour introductory lecture for a college course on Business and the Rural Economy at a residential in the English Peak District. Arriving the night before believing it would snow, they all awoke the next morning to find they were cut off by the blizzard. As no other lecturers could attend, he taught the entire 3 day course without preparation or notes. The snow thawed in time for the external assessors to pass all his students.

His proposal to run the Millennium Dome as a centre for global environmental management was so strong it immediately attracted the finance to be implemented had an open competition been permitted. Though some of the ideas anticipated those of the Government since, many still await their beneficial contribution to the environmental challenge.

Extensive work on climate change and sustainable development has continued since. From the first meetings to produce the new generation of climate and Earth system models (Quest), to correctly advising the PM on the outcome of FMD, being a contributor to Government reports, submitting evidence to House of Commons select committees and advisory work for the Cabinet Office.

Recently he was brought in to set up the site of one of Europe's most intensive civil engineering projects. After completing that ahead of time and within budget he was given front line logistical control. HM Chief Inspector of Railways singled him out as setting up and managing a site which was "a model for the future of the rail industry". Network Rail liked it so much they ran another project from it, halving it's set up costs at a stroke.

Occasionally he still does metallurgical design on race winning rally and oval cars.

Amongst others HRH The Prince of Wales has read his work on prediction of socio-economic and ecological trends and effective strategy implementation. He has also given him permission to use quotes to explain the methodology.

He is now writing a book on the next generation of global environmental management technologies. His work on both the scientific and political aspects of climate change, including United Nations reports and the agenda for G8 summits has made him one of the least know but most influential strategists of the 21st century providing the solutions to the global environmental challenges we face.

He is the Director of Celtic Lion with the ambition of making it one on the most useful and practical sustainable development, regeneration and planetary management strategists.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Donald Sells Scotland

Donald Trump has set up this excellent website.


Showing the world the wonderful unspoilt views of Scotland. A real bonus for our tourism industry.

Then he is going to build on them.

For the best in economic, ecological, political and sustainable analysis contact Celtic Lion

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Is Trump Bad for Scotland and Blairgowrie?

Just a view on Donald Trump. Brand Scotland is sold around the world, with lots of financial support by Visit Scotland et al, as mountains, lochs, dolphins in the sea, wildlife, pure water cascading off hillsides and into the distilleries of our famous product etc. On top of this you have the Scottish Government's plans for sustainable energy production, a non nuclear Scotland, both in energy and weapons.

That is the brand identity, that is what brings the tourists, fills the hotels. That is what generates investment and the image that sells our exports. In the ecologically aware world of 2007 and beyond that is what drives development. A perfect global image, perfect branding.

If my memory is correct the week of the 2007 G8 in Germany, where the main theme again was climate change and environmental protection,. the image the Scottish media flashed around the world was of a private airliner landing at Aberdeen airport with the word Trump emblazoned along the side. The despair of the inappropriateness.

What is the media message? American billionaire lands in Scotland in private plane wanting to build on unspoilt coastline, which is site of special scientific interest, probably also one of the views of brand Scotland.

If Scotland was a fashion house, a cosmetics company or a luxury car manufacturer there would be outrage, litigation and lawsuits. In modern commerce protection of brand integrity is paramount. Scotland is £ multi billion per year brand perfectly positioned to maximise on the shift in global trends.

Yet one foreign businessman is being allowed to potentially risk the entire integrity of brand Scotland. A potential short term financial gain is one small part of the country has the ability to drag the rest of Scotland down. Scotland could haemorrhage tourism revenues and investment. What is bad for Scotland, is bad for Perthshire, is bad for Blairgowrie.

Hopefully the tourist boards and associations, the Scottish Government and anyone who has aspirations for the future of Scotland will consider the real damage Trump could do to brand Scotland. That’s a $ 1 billion piece of advice to Blairgowrie for free.

Blairgowrie Regeneration Option

Regarding Allan Seggies review of the consultant’s suggestions for the regeneration of Blairgowrie, Blairgowrie Advertiser letters 6th December. "You might well think that; I couldn’t possibly comment".

I did speak to Roy Sim, Chairman of the initial steering group, last year, when I was looking for a property to start a development strategy business. In respect of previous work, independent assessment suggests ours is second to none in £ for £ terms regarding global influence and cost/benefit analysis, but Blairgowrie Merchants chose to spend their money, without consultation, in the Swansea economy, not Blairgowrie’s.
Some members of the Blair business community did ask why I never raised any points or questions at the meeting. Quite simply Blairgowrie Merchants decided to engage another company, so professionally I kept quiet. Parts of the presentation were smoke and mirrors. If Blairgowrie Merchants had hired an illusionist for the evening to entertain the audience, the last thing they want is another in the audience heckling, "It’s up his sleeve, it’s behind his back".

Living in Blair I would have to say it could do better. So here’s a deal. Celtic Lion will produce a development strategy and do a presentation to regenerate Blairgowrie for £25,000.

This will be the most appropriate, practical, effective, workable, advanced, exciting, blow your socks off, leading edge proposal available anywhere. If it isn’t I will personally sit naked in a set of stocks in the Wellmeadow and Blairgowrie Merchants can charge visitors to throw rotten fruit at me all summer. While I hang my head in shame.

A Blair audience has seen what a Swansea company can do, let’s restore the balance, have some pride in the town and allow a Blairgowrie company to show what it can do. Astute business people will have realised £25k is a bargain. Producing development models requires initial but reassessable goals. I would suggest consider putting an extra £25k a day into the local economy a realistic initial goal. Would a supermarket consider 1000 customers a day spending an average £25 a viable proposition?

£25k a day over a 5 year project is £45.5 million. Project initiation and conceptualisation being only 0.05% of total return based on the initial development model. Those taking the logic to the next step will have realised Blair gets the most advanced appropriate development strategy for free. By using a local company the money is spent in the local economy, reinvested and contributes to the goal attainment.

Blairgowrie Merchants please consider local expertise and services first.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

About Us

Welcome to Celtic Lion. The Celtic Lion is a symbolic creature involving many attributes. Guidance, leadership, compassion, strength are some. Concepts particularly applicable to sustainable strategy in a world of uncertainty.

You will already be aware of our work through it’s incorporation in policy and strategy of Governments, international organisations, environmental groups and in the words of world leaders.

We cover ecological, economic and political analysis. Conceptualisation of sustainable development strategy. Implementation guidance and futurology. From the personal to the international we can assist in creating a better future.

Local to global, individual to organisation. Please contact us to discuss what you would like, what we have done and how we can help you and this planet.

Roger Jardine Thomas

Celtic Lion

Blairgowrie Community Radio Meeting

The next meeting for the Blairadio project is on 5th February 2008 in the Conference Room at the Royal Hotel Blairgowrie. The guest will be Brendan Murphy from Heartland Radio.

Celtic Lion's view is perhaps we still should do something else now as well.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Letter Blairgowrie Advertiser 15th November Tourism Opportunities

Blair on the Air Waves. Community Radio Meeting 6th November 2007

A very interesting meeting was held on Tuesday 6th November at the Royal Hotel Blairgowrie, regarding the setting up of a ‘Blairgowrie Broadcasting Company’. (Blairie, 18th October, Blair on the airwaves?). Organised by Strathmore and the Glens it was hosted with a certain va va voom by Councillor Caroline Shiers.

The meeting immediately gave an overview of the importance of such a venture. Communication, the ability to bring people together, to work together, to create something greater than individuals or organisations can achieve on their own. Whatever ones political affiliation, or even if you haven’t one, my own view is the importance of supporting the Scottish Governments aspiration to make Scotland the best country in the world. We are part of that country and all that we sense, do and strive for is within the context of that country. A country is not just people or economics, it is the land, the animals and plants, everything that combines and relates together to make the spirit or essence of this place we call Scotland. Something which transcends party politics.

An positive aspect of the meeting was those who attended presented ideas relating to community broadcasting in Blairgowrie which covered a broad agenda. Involvement of young people, schools and colleges. The learning of new skills, the striving for quality, the sense of dynamism and achievement etc.

There was a strong feeling community broadcasting would contribute and enhance existing events already operating in Blair. Braemar Night amongst many was one example given. A live internet broadcast would give a potential global audience with an interest in Scottish, Celtic and Highland culture. Ex-pats all over the world could ‘tune into Blair broadcasting’. Closer to home it gives access to events in the town for the elderly, disabled or anyone who could not get out to attend.. With a greater audience this allows the enhancement of Braemar Night, if your going to broadcast to a wider audience, give them something to hunger for. Lights, lasers, projection screens, anything is possible. An opportunity for young people in the area to practice and display their skills in communication technologies, event management.

Such potential needs strategy, direction and channelling. 2009 presents an opportunistic goal. Edinburgh will host "The Gathering", the largest meeting of the clans in 200 years, with 8000 clan members and 30,000 visitors it is expected to put £5 million into the Scottish economy. How can Blairgowrie contribute and benefit from this?
From the ideas expressed by those attended the meeting, combined with the challenges the Braemar Association want to resolve, (Event organisers fear for the future, Blairie 29th March) i.e. lack of young people involved and diminished audience, an effective strategy could develop. By combining community broadcasting with Braemar Night, a spectacular event for 2008 could be delivered.

Conceptualise this as something like ‘Heralding the Gathering’, supporting the Edinburgh event. Do a live audio-visual internet broadcast of the event. Make the broadcast available as a podcast, especially see if this can be linked from the ‘The Gathering’ website. The 2008 Braemar Night, is the ‘practice’ then for the next event. Something like ‘Welcoming the Gathering’, coinciding around the time of the event in Edinburgh in July 2009. With the communication infrastructure in place and tried out, this can be a total Blairgowrie initiative, an opportunity for every individual and organisation to take part and benefit. It also provides a foundation for the future. If young people from Blair have an ambition to do something like the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth games, here is the opportunity to get the experience. As was said at the meeting there is so much talent in Blair.

The opening point of the meeting was communication. This is our most important asset, The Blairgowrie Advertiser, both in it’s paper and online form. Then the various websites of all the organisations in Blair and covering Blair, Blairgowrie Merchants, Heart of Blair, BEPTA, VisitScotland, Strathmore and the Glens etc. With these comes the drive, the conversation in the streets, churches, pubs, schools and shops etc of our community.

One thing the meeting forgot to do was record itself. Broadcast to a wider audience it would have been pure entertaining current affairs.

The Scottish Government has the aspiration to make Scotland the best country in the world. At the heart of that country is Blairgowrie. If they want a Celtic Lion, let community broadcasting help give them a town they can have a pride in, and an example and model for the rest of Scotland.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Blairgowrie Regeneration Meeting

For the second time in a month The Royal Hotel hosted another interesting meeting. First a community radio project and on Monday 26th November a Blairgowrie Regeneration Presentation. For those who attended there are a few points that may be relevant.

The Blairgowrie Merchants Association engaged consultants who by their own admission are niche specialists in sport, tourism and leisure. The meeting was excellent as basis for discussion, but there is also a broader spectrum of development opportunities available than what was presented at the meeting.

The consultants liked to use the word ‘sustainable’ many times. It is becoming a marketing buzz word. Be aware of the of it’s proper and full implications when applied to development strategy.

A 4 star Spa Hotel was suggested. Careful to avoid the ‘Tesco Syndrome'. Outside investment or control will automatically move profits out of Blairgowrie. Look at the cost benefit analysis. Roy Coles Accountants, Blairgowrie has a banner on one of their web pages quoting Alfred Marshall, Principles of Economics, "The most valuable of all capital is that invested in human beings". The Executive Summary of the Scottish Government’s Economic Strategy (November 2007), begins with a quote by First Minister Alex Salmond "Scotland has real strength in the most vital factor for modern economies - the human capital offered by our greatest asset, Scotland's people." Consider whether you want regeneration building led or people led.

The main benefit of the meeting was that it was a meeting. A catalyst for communication and discussion. I refer to our letter Blairgowrie Advertiser, 15th November, regarding a project to take advantage of the major tourist event in Scotland in 2009. The Gathering. "The opening point of the meeting was communication. This is our most important asset, the Blairgowrie Advertiser, both in it’s print and online form. Then the various websites of all the organisations in Blairgowrie and covering Blairgowrie, Blairgowrie Merchants, Heart of Blair, BEPTA, Visit Scotland, Strathmore and the Glens etc. With these comes the drive, the conversation in the streets, churches, pubs, schools, and shops etc of our community."

In our letter 13th September lyrics were quoted from the band Big Country. In part to use popular culture to highlight Government policy and also an attempt to capture the zeitgeist. A month later they were voted all time best ever Scottish album. This is from We’re Not in Kansas (1993). "Sat me down to wonder. What kind of place this really is. Well, maybe it's in the parks. Ah, maybe it's in the stores. But I know, if we're being honest. It's in the people".