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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

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Thanks to all the visitors to the blog especially those who are looking at Scottish development and associated subjects. I have been using my Wordpress blog having got my head round it with a new theme. I like the Google Blogger for simplicity but the other site is far more flexible for a visitor and probably better looking.
Though I have to admit since I have started writing about dogs I am very grateful to the number of visitors I have had from all over the world. Though this post from the Wordpress site is on the surface about dog ecology and psychology, it is introducing a social and economic history of Scotland to a wider audience. This is a theme that will be built on in the future.
It is also a natural follow on from our assessment 12 months ago of Alex Salmond's Celtic Lion strategy where we also looked at the role of the Celts in Scotland's development. We warned 12 months ago the global economy would collapse, and it did.