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Monday, 10 November 2008

Celtic Lion Our Option


Thank you for your visit to Our Option.

The future is the most important commodity we all share. Without the future you would not be able to read this sentence after the last one. A concept so crucial but simple we forget at times how vital and central a sustainable future is to all our lives.

Was part of the 2001 proposal to use the Millennium Dome London as a global environmental management centre.

There is a planet in peril, our planet, our future. Celtic Lion has been, are doing something practical about the situation. And now increasing the scope of our project to meet the requirements of the present and future.

Our option is for those with an interest in their life and the planet on which they live.


You will be probably be aware of our influence already. The agenda for the 2005 G8 in Perthshire of climate change and Africa was derived from our work. The assessment that climate change is a greater threat than terrorism was ours. Used by world leaders, environmental organisations and even Al Gore when notified of his Nobel Prize. Though we could be considered one of the world's most influential strategists, that is all we were. Influencing through 3rd parties. Now is the time to work direct on the challenges to be resolved.

We are not a political organisation. We do not offer hope. We are directed at implementing practical solutions, from a background of engineering and ecology, amongst others.

The seas of our planet are contaminated by waste, enough plastic in the Pacific to cover Texas. Toxic chemicals and dangerous wrecks need cleaning up. Extinction rates of animals and planets are increasing, all part of the web of life of which we are part.

Teenagers kill each other or themselves without the knowledge of a better option. People and states make war without realising there is a common cause.

Climate change is being addressed using politics and economics, an ecological approach needs to be introduced to balance other means, ensuring an effective response.

A broad agenda of known and yet unknown challenges, which though important, exist in the gaps between the responsibilities of other organisations.

The magnitude of the projects we need to address is in a spread of £30-80 billion per year in the first instance, using the conventional assessment of money.

The heart of our project is compassion for all life and a love for this planet.


Please make our option and project known to others who share our values, if they are also yours.

To initiate the projects we wish to raise £2 billion in the first instance, a fraction of that given to the banks and financial system in the UK in recent weeks.

How much is the future is worth to you and our planet? Please make a contribution to ensure that future.

For contributions over £50 a membership pack can be supplied if requested. Also recommended for members of the media for use as a press and information pack.

We use PayPal at present. For larger contributions, commercial work and further information towards a better future for our planet, please contact us.

My thanks

Roger Jardine Thomas
Director of Strategy
Celtic Lion Ltd

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