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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Breaking news Sergeant Strictly Not Dancing.

Well here is a fast moving story.
John Sergeant quits Strictly Come Dancing.
Over to the BBC Newsnight Blog.
34. At 1:29pm on 19 Nov 2008, leftieoddbod wrote:
Sargeant off Strictly, questions should be asked....get Jeremy on it as he represented old farts everywhere, I do hope the Beeb hasn't caved in again to the PC brigade as we need to champion the 'normal' people in our society...
Then Celtic Lion
37. At 1:53pm on 19 Nov 2008, KingCelticLion wrote:
#34 leftoddbodSargeantI don't understand the situation. But have to admit I haven't seen any of this year's programmes.Have to ask though why if the programme makers asked a 65 years old, non sporting etc person to be on it.Why do they seem to be annoyed that he itsn't doing triple salkos with half pikes or what ever the terms are?Perhaps the demographic for Strictly is older viewers. Perhaps then they might vote on the basis, "he is doing well for someone of my age".Though light entertainment it does raise issues about democracy, and ageism plus all the other isms.If the producers don't want old people on becuase they can't dance as good as young people, then don't have them on in the first place.Are the BBC now going to refund the money to all those who voted for Sargeant up to now.I feel a storm a brewin'.Thanks to New Fazer, JJ, Too hard to Log In, Bill etc. Sometimes truth is so obvious they are overlooked.Celtic Lion
42. At 4:48pm on 19 Nov 2008, JunkkMale wrote:
37. At 1:53pm on 19 Nov 2008, KingCelticLion I don't understand the situation. Poor old Aunty.Can't even do bread and circuses without meddling... fouling up... and making their position even more precarious.What is needed now is for Dear Leader to take a reading from acolytes in the the bunker, get the public mood wrong, and make this the key issue of the next few days.Closely followed by the rest of the Westminster Useful Idiot Village.
Now on 6 o'clock, a Newsnight section tonight
Well this story is moving David Cameron has made a statement, see Junk male above

Friday, 14 November 2008

Will the G20 Crash the Planet?

This is a graph I have obtained from The Sustainable Home Blog. This illustrates Celtic Lion's concern with the economic and world leaders trying to artificially increase consumption to stabilise the global economic system.

The consequences could be to reduce the ecological carrying capacity of the planet, resulting in over 6 billion deaths, of which you will probably be one. In addition to the extinction of many of the Earth's species of animals and plants.

To stop this situation occurring is part of Our Option. Please support yourself. Look after Our Option and it will look after you.

For specialist strategy and consultancy work please contact us direct.

G20 Tax and Growth Option

Gordon Brown has gone to the G20 with recommendations for tax cuts etc to stimulate growth. We have covered this in other blogs such as BBC Newsnight Editor Paul Mason's and his discussion on the method for a new financial order. It is not our preferred approach.
Celtic Lion believes Our Option is the best and safest.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wandering About The Dish Rag and 11th Hour

While looking for news references for ecology we came across The LA Times The Dish Rag, with even a comment there from Celtic Lion.
Expressing the views of Leonardo DiCaprio on the Bush Presidency, Caprio's film the 11th Hour is recommended for those wanted a serious perspective on the planetary ecological challenge.
View here

Another Step Towards a Better Future

I just looked for ecology in the news search section of Google. Very few entries, Surprising how many economics would get when economics cannot even exist without the ecological life systems of the planet.

The media is full of the concerns over the economic situation. Knowing it was going to happen I told Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart on 9th January 2006 and Tayside Police on 27th October 2006.

Though it was possible to tell both that the recession could happen, when it would happen and by what degree of magnitude. Neither could help. So the could turned in a would. It was all avoidable, but as a society we seem more geared to allowing tragedy and problems to happen then try to clear them up after, rather than take action to stop them occurring in the first place.

Yesterday we sent information to Tom Bradby Political Editor at ITN. The BBC Newsnight blogs were interesting so placed a few comments there. Reptilian origin of the brain, Marx and sharks, Marquis de Sade and wisdom. The media seems still to be looking for answers from those who couldn't see the economic problems looming.

We will grow Our Option. Thanks to all who are visting here.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Celtic Lion Our Option


Thank you for your visit to Our Option.

The future is the most important commodity we all share. Without the future you would not be able to read this sentence after the last one. A concept so crucial but simple we forget at times how vital and central a sustainable future is to all our lives.

Was part of the 2001 proposal to use the Millennium Dome London as a global environmental management centre.

There is a planet in peril, our planet, our future. Celtic Lion has been, are doing something practical about the situation. And now increasing the scope of our project to meet the requirements of the present and future.

Our option is for those with an interest in their life and the planet on which they live.


You will be probably be aware of our influence already. The agenda for the 2005 G8 in Perthshire of climate change and Africa was derived from our work. The assessment that climate change is a greater threat than terrorism was ours. Used by world leaders, environmental organisations and even Al Gore when notified of his Nobel Prize. Though we could be considered one of the world's most influential strategists, that is all we were. Influencing through 3rd parties. Now is the time to work direct on the challenges to be resolved.

We are not a political organisation. We do not offer hope. We are directed at implementing practical solutions, from a background of engineering and ecology, amongst others.

The seas of our planet are contaminated by waste, enough plastic in the Pacific to cover Texas. Toxic chemicals and dangerous wrecks need cleaning up. Extinction rates of animals and planets are increasing, all part of the web of life of which we are part.

Teenagers kill each other or themselves without the knowledge of a better option. People and states make war without realising there is a common cause.

Climate change is being addressed using politics and economics, an ecological approach needs to be introduced to balance other means, ensuring an effective response.

A broad agenda of known and yet unknown challenges, which though important, exist in the gaps between the responsibilities of other organisations.

The magnitude of the projects we need to address is in a spread of £30-80 billion per year in the first instance, using the conventional assessment of money.

The heart of our project is compassion for all life and a love for this planet.


Please make our option and project known to others who share our values, if they are also yours.

To initiate the projects we wish to raise £2 billion in the first instance, a fraction of that given to the banks and financial system in the UK in recent weeks.

How much is the future is worth to you and our planet? Please make a contribution to ensure that future.

For contributions over £50 a membership pack can be supplied if requested. Also recommended for members of the media for use as a press and information pack.

We use PayPal at present. For larger contributions, commercial work and further information towards a better future for our planet, please contact us.

My thanks

Roger Jardine Thomas
Director of Strategy
Celtic Lion Ltd

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Has Obama Got His Priorities Correct?

Congratulations to Barack Obama, President elect.

Also to John McCain for his impeccable attitude even in defeat.

Thanks also to the number of visitors this site has had from the US.

Celtic Lion has been following the journey of Barack Obama, from outsider to future President since February.

Should Ecologists Call for Obama 15th February

Democratic Primary Wisconsin 20th February

Obama and McCain: What is Going On? 14th October

One thing unnoticed by the media was the order of priorities he placed the challenges in his victory address.

A "planet in peril" was placed before financial crisis.

"For even as we celebrate tonight," he said, "we know the challenges that tomorrow will bring are the greatest of our lifetime - two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century."

Good, he seems to be on the right track.

All the best!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

What is Phlebotomy?

There I was last week in a waiting room at Perth Royal Infirmary, Scotland, quite content to pass the time with the thoughts going round in my head while I waited for a blood sample to be taken.

"Roger Thomas". My name was called.

"Sorry you had to wait so long", said the lady who was going to take it.

"Not at all," I replied, "I didn't think I had to wait long, besides I was writing an article in my head about sine waves".

In truth it was something similar to Kondratieff waves.

Too late I had opened my mouth, the look given me was a bit iffy, a bit unsure. I had to reply.

"Paul Mason, the Economics Editor for Newsnight has put an article on his site about creating a new global financial order and I was just thinking about my next contribution".

I couldn't tell whether the expression returned was inquisitive or oh my God I've got the nutter. When in a hole stop digging might be an appropriate phrase to consider. But no not me I keep going.

"Most people know my work, but not my name, the agenda for the 2005 G8 in Perthshire, climate change and Africa was derived from my work. When Al Gore was notified of his Nobel Prize he referred to my work on the risk assessment of climate change and terrorism, but he says the British Government, not me, hardly anybody knows me but many know my work".

"Like us". She replied.

"Phlebotomists?" I said.

"Yes". Was the acknowledgement. We had got there, the common ground, I knew what her proper job title was.

"Perhaps you could write about us, hardly anyone knows what we do, we don't get paid much and we have to work behind closed doors", nodding to the closed door of the treatment room I was in. "Its not really safe".

"Yes I will try and do something. I have a website it gets a reasonable number of hits, but not too many but the people who visit I think are of a thoughtful nature".

With the blood taken, I thought, give me a few days then search Celtic Lion Phlebotomy.


I left and checked the time. I had been in the hospital for exactly one hour. I had booked in, had an initial small blood sample taken. Then seen a nurse for my weight and blood pressure, spot on OK. Then seen the Doctor, then had another blood sample taken and was on my way. No complaints there about inefficiency. It couldn't have been done much quicker.

Now on top of a 100 other things, I had to think about Phlebotomy. How do you approach that? First I thought about safety and behind closed doors. Now this isn't a problem specific to Phlebotomy. Many people have to work one to one. Any problem here is a problem of society in general. Phlebotomy, if it feels it has a problem, really needs to join in a greater movement to create a better society, a better world.

Down to specifics. I remember being really ill in hospital at one point. It seemed my whole day just consisted of blood being taken either from my arms or my fingers. Just pain on top of pain. Discomfort when I wanted to be left alone.

"Here are the blood suckers for you." the other patients in the ward would shout and laugh when the trolley arrived for another sample.

"Vampire time". Would go the call time after time.

Here, I would suggest, is the problem with Phlebotomy. It has too many associations with the painful dark side of culture and society. Phlebotomy is the one who sticks the needle in and draws the blood. Behind them and unseen are those in the labs who do the analysis and those who do the assessment and those who provide the treatment.

But is is those blood sucking vampires who stick the needle in, these are the front line. Without them none of the rest could do what they do. Blood and the information derived from it, leaves the patient, circulates around the health service and returns to the patient, in another form, as treatment. A positive cycle which begins with the Phlebotomist.

Blood has many positive connotations. Blood, the word on its own can mean family, kinship. Which leads to such positive values as trust, support, togetherness. Blood is thicker than water.

Perhaps those vampiristic, blood sucking agents of pain need a make over.

Phlebotomy: The Life Blood of the Health Service.

But does Phlebotomy help itself. I needed to research, so I put Phlebotomy into Google and clicked on Wikipedia to see what they said. I think that despite the millions of entries that the site contains, no one from Phlebotomy has taken the time to write an entry describing what they do, how it is done or anything that may interest the public about the subject.

Change begins with the profession. What about letting us know a bit more about you? There must be a Phlebotomy association or similar with someone who could write an entry in one of the largest first point of call reference sites on the web.

A journey of a 1000 miles begins with the first step.

Believe in yourself, let others know about you.

In a months time it would be nice to see a proper entry in Wikipedia. The next time I visit PRI a pleasant little affirmation message about yourself wouldn't go amiss.
Even if it is just a small poster with Phlebotomy: Life Blood of the Health Service, or something devised which you think is appropriate.

You are very important, just let others know how important.

Life Blood.

PS The Google dictionary doesn't even recognise your profession either.