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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Another Step Towards a Better Future

I just looked for ecology in the news search section of Google. Very few entries, Surprising how many economics would get when economics cannot even exist without the ecological life systems of the planet.

The media is full of the concerns over the economic situation. Knowing it was going to happen I told Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart on 9th January 2006 and Tayside Police on 27th October 2006.

Though it was possible to tell both that the recession could happen, when it would happen and by what degree of magnitude. Neither could help. So the could turned in a would. It was all avoidable, but as a society we seem more geared to allowing tragedy and problems to happen then try to clear them up after, rather than take action to stop them occurring in the first place.

Yesterday we sent information to Tom Bradby Political Editor at ITN. The BBC Newsnight blogs were interesting so placed a few comments there. Reptilian origin of the brain, Marx and sharks, Marquis de Sade and wisdom. The media seems still to be looking for answers from those who couldn't see the economic problems looming.

We will grow Our Option. Thanks to all who are visting here.

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