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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Never Say Green Again

In the early 80's there was a really good party in the UK called the Ecology Party I thought it was great.

Then as part of some pan-European standardisation it changed to the Green Party. I had spent from the age of a toddler completely fascinated about how this planet works, how it 'thinks', it's purpose. Whys, hows and whats. As an engineer it's cybernetic control function, homeostasis and response to change.

After 20 years everything I knew was suddenly branded 'Green'. I found it a personal insult but most of all an insult to the Earth.

If the party was still called ecology, then people would ask what's that. This would draw them in to the wonder and mystery of 4.5 billion years of planetary evolution and it's place in another 10 billion years of cosmic evolution before that. The excitement and desire of the understanding and the love of being at one with the planet.

Green came long and destroyed it all. Green is a field of cabbages or a coat of paint. It is demeaning to the infinite and eternal process of creation and life. It is a barrier to the understanding of the intricacy and complex beauty of this Earth.

Green is like when children start to learn to define words. You have to stop them at first using the word they are defining in the definition. They can nolonger be lazy, they have to think.
Green is an easy earned badge, that is a barrier to the understanding of the planet. That deep appreciation required to change human societies relationship with this planet for the better. Green does not require questioning. Without questioning there is not understanding. Without understanding there is not empathy.

Ban green from anything to do with the sustainable evolution of this Earth. Never ever use it. Never talk about it, never read anything about it. Ignore every single use of the word or concept of green.

Some got interested in sustainable planetary evolution and the protection of the Earth's ecological life support systems after watching Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

When Al Gore said the British Government say climate change is greater threat than terrorism. He should have said Roger Jardine Thomas said.....The UK Government didn't say it, or reference the original source.

At present I am setting up the Celtic Lion project. So have to do the rounds of business advisors, consultants, lawyers, bank managers etc. I have take my portfolio of work. They are amazed and shocked at the things I have done. They know of them, but never knew who it was who did them, until they met me.

Many people in the world with an interest in the environment know the agenda for the 2005 G8 was climate change and Africa. Most do not know that was my recommendation to the UK Government.

Many people know the climate change/ terrorism risk assessment. Many world leaders and environmental organisations use it. It is now a 21st century cliché. Most do not know I wrote it.

Hardly anyone knows both were from the same submission. And the later was the justification for the former. One of the largest corporate law firms in the UK looked at my work. Their view was on just that one piece of work alone, if I was to be described as one of the most globally influential people of the 21st century, it would be very difficult for anyone to challenge that.

If I hadn't done what would have been the agenda of the 2005 G8. War on insurgents in the Middle East? Global trade tariffs? What would have Al Gore have said when and even if he got a Nobel. There would have been no climate change agenda at the G8. No Live 8, no Stern Report.
I knocked it out between talking the dogs for a walk and having my tea. No spell check, no WP. Wham bam ratta tat tat straight off and hit the send.

It still may be one of the globally influential works of the 21st century. But I never ever used that awful word Green. Not using it made people think. Take notice and act. The rest was history or the future.

Here it is. Not a green in sight. (The email has changed)



green with a gun said...

I find that very interesting, I've never liked the word "green" myself, but you have to use some label, so here we are.

My own dislike of it comes from what "green" means to many people, including various green parties: reserve some forests, concrete over everything else, build nothing anywhere.

I think the most productive way forward is to work with nature, not against it or beside it. Modern capitalism asks us to work against it, modern Greens ask to work beside it, in parallel, never touching. Both mindsets have humans as separate from nature - and of course we're not.

So, someone stole your phrase and nobody remembers it was yours? That's part of being a writer, mate. That just means your idea was very good :)

Roger Thomas said...

I don't think I can really add anything to your comment.

It might sound being a bit of a heretic with my views on 'green', but at least you share the point.