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Friday, 15 February 2008

Talking With The Planet

Comment Placed on La Marguerite (not spell checked, not working at time of posting)
"The future is the most important commodity we all share. Without the future you would not be able to read this sentence after the last one. A concept so crucial but simple we forget at times how vital and central a sustainable future is to all our lives.

Climatic uncertainty and instability, the suffering and extinction of animals and plants, famine, war, pollution and disease are some of the challenges to that future".

The above is part of a submission to use the Millennium Dome London as a global environmental management centre in the 2001 competition.

This was the proposal the Government's own consultants wanted to back. It was a nearly a $100 billion per year project, that would have cost about $ 4 billion to initiate.

Unfortunately though it was short listed, it was thrown out at the 'market testing'. Had it gone through the financing was available. A project team was going to be supplied to me and one of the goals was to approach the large reinsurance companies, offsetting their future liabilities for the start up financing.

one of the tag lines was

"creating the future"

Though I didn't win, much of my work has been used by organisations which had access to the confidential (supposedly) entry. "Creating the future" is now being used by one of them. I am just a planetary engineer and project manager without the resources to do anything about it, yet.
Just because we have always believed the future would always be there, doesn't mean anymore, that is the case.

Now we have to be proactive in our actions to ensure we have a future-for ourselves, the planet and all the animals and plants which share it with us, which together create the planetary ecological life support systems on which our lives depend.

Had the UK Government gone for the environmental centre many of the disasters of recent years would not have been of the same magnitude.

In the SE Asia Tsunami, anyone outside of 45 minutes of the origin of the pressure wave- who had a mobile phone, within shouting distance of someone who had, or a radio or a computer- who were killed -would probably be alive today.

The business model for the Dome had global environmental monitoring linked in with a global communications network.

Sounds impressive, it just means if you were lying on a beach on a Boxing day morning, your mobile would have bleeped.

A text message would have said.

Suspected Tsunami (tidal wave) approaching. Please walk calmly inland for 15 minutes and advise others of the same. Thank you. MP2

Katrina. Same idea, different message.

All this climate change symtom/problem would more or less have now been resolved. The imminent collapse of the planet's ecological life support system sorted.

Tornados, fires, floods, terror, extinctions ets etc, as Yul Brinner once said.

It was decided to give to an American, Anshutz, to open another music venue and casino. Politicians don't really have their priorities right.

As you are aware though the UK Government didn't want the solution to the now unfolding global catastrophe, the threat was still there. So the agenda of the 2005 G8 climate change and Africa was placed in a UN report for the UK Government to read in 2002. Along with the now globally known assessment that climate change was a greater threat than terrorism.

A damage limitation exercise.

Listening to the planet is good. I like talking with the planet.

Which is a bit bizarre, as Green with a Gun pointed out. We are part of the planet.

So really we are just the planet talking with itself. We are her self-reflecting consciousness. She has been alone for 4.5 billion years evolving. Unable to see herself.

We are her mirror. Will we allow her to see herself in all her infinte beauty before we destroy her-and ourselves.
I like talking with the planet and I like creating the future.

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