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Friday, 15 February 2008

Should Ecologists Call for Obama?

With Barack Obama taking an advantage in the Democratic nominations for the US Presidency, should the environmental consensus support him?
With speeches of passion and rhetoric, Mr Obama is running an inclusive campagn. Not with talk of when I will be President, but rather we are a movement of change.
Does this movement of change involve the US taking a lead in global sustainable ecological planetary mangement? There have been some comments that the US elections have not touched a great deal on environmental issues. Such as from La Marguerite. Mr Obama will probably admit himself that as a civil rights lawyer his campaign has been more socio centric than eco centric.
Despite only minimal talk on the environment Mr Obama has a bizarre relationship within the race to become the next president of the US. He was cosponsor of the Climate Change Stewardship and Innovation Act with Republican front runner John McCain and also Joe Lieberman.
Should the ecological movement call for Obama and become part of the movement for change?
Should Celtic Lion Ltd support Obama? Should Celtic Lion apply to Barack Obama to advise on his environmental campaign and strategy?
Celtic Lion has already made initial enquiries and we thank the number visitors to our site from Washington DC, Illinois and Chicago.
Celtic Lion has already successfully advised ex Prime Minister Tony Blair on the timing of the 2001 UK General Election when surrounded by the uncertainty of the Foot and Mouth epidemic.
President George W Bush came to the 2005 G8 in Scotland to discuss climate change and Africa, an agenda derived from our recommendations in a UN Environment and Development report commissioned by the UK Government. Ex Vice President Al Gore also uses our risk assessment, that climate change is a greater threat than terrorism.
Is there a more suitably qualified organisation to advise Barack Obama than Celtic Lion? Should we make him the offer?

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