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Friday, 10 October 2008

Economic Situation and the Criminal Dimension

The present economic chaos has been going on for months now. Nothing seems to be working.
The reason is:
It is due to deliberate criminal acts committed in England with the intention of crashing the UK and global economies.
These were reported to Tayside police (Scotland) in October 2006 as economic sabotage. Tayside police not only knew, 2 years ago, that the UK and global economies would crash, they knew when the they would crash and the amounts involved.
Unfortunately they could not look at the evidence or carry out an investigation as they decided the offences were criminal and outside their jurisdiction.
Had they been able to carry out an investigation then the current global situation probably could have been averted, to some degree or other.
We have checked our legal position. As long as we have reported fraud, money laundering and other serious offences, all committed with the intention to cause an act of economic sabotage, we have fulfilled all our legal obligation.
That Tayside police decided not to investigate or take any action, and allow a potentially preventable situation occur is irrelevant to Celtic Lion's position.
We can reverse global chaos.
None of the measures taken by Governments or financial institutions will ever work in the long term as they are unaware of the true criminal causes of the present economic situation.

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