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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Solve the Next Crisis Before It Happens

Below is a comment from Economic Editor Paul Mason's Newsnight Blog placed by Celtic Lion. Paul has presented a challenge to produce the outline for a new global financial order.


The post was placed after but without knowledge of Alan Greenspan's evidence in Washington the same day, called the present situation a "credit Tsunami".

Celtic Lion believes this is incorrect and dangerous. The wave of destruction is to come, the collapse of the planet's ecological life support system.

Instead of solving a problem that has already happened we should be preventing the the manifestation of a future challenge.

An Economic Tsunami: I don't think so.

To start in producing a new world plan, I would like to refer to Paul's post of Weds 15th October 'This is An Economic Krakatoa'.First I would like to build on and refine his analogy used there.

In the posting Paul refers to the Tsunami wave which followed the eruption. A Tsunami similar to which we saw pictures of on Boxing Day
2004. Indeed some reading this may have been there.

Some economic commentators have referred to this present situation as an "economic Tsunami". I maintain this is incorrect-dangerously incorrect.

Go back to the pictures prior to the destructive wave breaking on the coastline.The sea disappeared and moved away. It went into 'recession'. The effective sea level dropped, it was in 'depression'.People were seen on the beaches, asking questions like where has the sea gone, why has it gone? Remaining where they were, seeking solutions to a problems that had already occurred.

What they were unaware of was, what was to come. They were responding to what had happened, not to what would happen?I refer to previous posts by various on Galbraith and Forrester.

Kondratieff Waves to follow.

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