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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Obama abd McCain; What is Going On?

The prophecy of our post of Wed 20th February Democratic Primary Wisconsin came true. So now it is Obama v McCain.

The Republican Party want McCain to be heavy and nasty. McCain wants to be nice and decent, and even to acknowledge Obama is decent. There again as Celtic Lion reported earlier in the year they were both sponsors of the Climate Change Stewardship and Innovation Act, along with Joe Lieberman.

In one sentence 3 out of the 4 front runners, we only missed Sarah Palin for a full house.

Obama and McCain are actually closer in politics than the range within their own parties. Neither can attack the other as individuals as this would automatically and rightly raise the question of, 'if he is so bad, why did you work with him?'

Would McCain rather lose the election than compromise principles? Would McCain like to win the election but not want the Republicans in power? Would McCain really rather be an independent? If Obama wins, would there be a place in his administration for a leaping McCain?

Is the dream ticket Obama and McCain? Will this happen? Has it already been discussed behind closed doors? The next few weeks and months will be interesting.

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